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My Birth

I was born by Muslim parents about 1938, February at a place called Igbinrin, which is a farm settlement near Ota in Ogun state Nigeria although my parents were from Abcokuta, my father was a peasant farmer whilst my mother helped him on the farms and still found time to engage in petty trading. . I call it a farm settlement because it is a place with about 7 thatched roofed huts. My parents were settlers there with some other few people mainly farmers. There was no trading there, as there were no much people except you go to Ota. On the day I was born, my mother was frying gaari and there was nobody in the village except a man. He had no option than to do the work of a mid-wife and took the delivery of my birth. I thank God for this because it must have been done in a very crude way. I grew up there with my elder brother Taiye. After some years we left the place and came to Ota town as its been called then and settled in an area called Ago and lived there for some years. Thereafter, we moved to another area called Ilata.

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