“Behold, thou has made my days as an handbreadth; and my age is as nothing before thee: verily every man at his best state is altogether vanity. Selah.”  [Ps. 39:5.]
       Is it not amazing that man, specially created in God’s image and likeness became worthless since his disobedience to God and chose to follow the devil?  The consequence of disobedience could be terribly terrible.
In the above scripture, let us look into some truth.
          1.No matter how long we live in this world, our days are just the size of an handbreadth.  If it is hand length, it would be a bit longer but it is an handbreadth.  Very short and brief.
Having known this, will it not be wise to detach ourselves from the mundane things of this world and consecrate our lives to things that will last for eternity?
        2.Our age is as nothing.  Note that our age is ‘not nothing but as nothing’ because every split second of our lives matter to God depending on how, and what we use it for. 
 Brethren, what we do, how we do them, when we do them, where we do them and why we do them all matter to God.  Apostle James called our life- a vapour and only appears or exists for a little time. I want to add that as a vapour without trace so is a life without Christ.  God takes note of a life used in His service even after our exit from this world.
Have you ever thought why Solomon became the King of Israel? It was neither because of David nor Bathsheba but God honoured Uriah who fought on the side of the Lord’s army with all his heart and discomfort (2 Sam. 11:11-11).  
Do we also note that, there is nowhere in the bible where it was said that Bathsheba was called David’s wife, but the wife of Uriah?  I pray the Lord will remember our works both in our life time and after we are gone.
        3.Verily every man at his best state is altogether vanity.
Yes! No exception, everyman (women inclusive) as there is no gender in this case at his apex of his wealth, power, influence, authority or whatever is altogether vanity.
  The word altogether here is very crucial.  It simply means from beginning to the end is less than nothing.
Having known all these, as believers or as body of Christ, what then should we do, what then should be our position?
We should be like the Philadelphia church in Rev. 3:7-11. 
Let us see some of these qualifications:
(1)   They realize that they have little strength i.e. they are neither proud nor ego centric. 
(2)   They kept God’s word.
(3)They kept the word of God’s patience i.e. they are word based.
  They did not deny God’s name.  Do many of our present day churches have these qualifications?  It is very broad so I cannot go the whole length here.  But see the great reward they were promised by God.
Finally, if we will be like this Philadelphia church in order for God to defend us and make the synagogue of Satan (The unbelievers) to bow before us, we must do things they did because by doing them the unbelievers will acknowledge God in our private lives and churches; they will bow before us and finally must of them will come to embrace Christ and become children of the Kingdom just as we are.
I pray God will give us understanding but don’t forget we have our roles to play.  
In my next message, we will study the Philadelphia church and one other church. 
Re-actions are welcome.  
God bless you.