1 Praise God for sufficient grace in the face of all challenges on the field at home and outside the country.

2 Praise God for drawing souls unto Himself from all our fields regularly.

3 Praise God for the free flow of His word through us unto His people.

4 Give glory to the Prince of peace for being on top of Nigeria situations, Satan's aggression notwithstanding.

5 Thank God for faithful partners who have over the years given sacrificially to cushion our advancement.

6 Thank God for the resilient spirit of the missionaries in the face of all odds that life in the mission field poses.

7 Praise God for the renewed strength of our President, clearer vision, sound mind and journey mercies at all times.


1. Pray that we all enjoy more of the sure mercy of David, the enduring and eternal mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ.

2. Pray that the peace of God that transcends all understanding will rule in Nigeria and that our spiritual and political leaders will be filled with the fear of God.

3. Pray that God of harvest will raise and thrust more labourers into His field .

4. Pray that the missionaries on the field within and outside the country will enjoy renewed strength to soar like eagle, run and not be tired to walk and not grow           weary.

5. Pray for the revival that will sweep across Nigeria and reposition the church to fulfill destiny.

6. Pray that Badeku town, our mission base head quarter, will come out of stagnation to accelerate unto her God ordained height.