Wednesday December 2, to Friday December 4, 2020

Oniyanmo is about 15 kilometre from Ifo town , the Headquarters of Ifo Local Government area of Ogun state. It comprises Oniyanmo, Alaga, Sowole, Olowo, Ijemo and Ohori. The Ohoris inhabits a vast area of Government Reserved Forest about 5km from Oniyanmo.

The Egbas, the Eguns and the Ohoris are the major three major tribes in the community. These people are religious but mostly without salvation except for a few of them. Majority of them are mixing Christianity with paganism. They have no problem with going to church as that does stop them from visiting voodoo, herbalists and shrines. Most of the pastors even introduce their members to fetish objects.

The community comprise of peasant farmers and petty traders. The roads are terribly bad and only motorbikes can easily navigate the terrain. Their youths are deeply rooted in occultism and hard drugs. Their children are endangered as they can be easily influenced by the youths if something is not done quickly to catch them young for Christ in order to salvage them from bad influence.

Missionary preaching to the youths

They are sold into three major idols namely Alale (literally meaning ‘the owner of the land’ ), Lagunrete and Elegba (meaning satan) which is predominantly worshipped by the Ohoris, Oro festival in Oniyanmo is compulsory for everybody there but members of Worldhope church had never joined in the festivals as our missionary there stood against it since 1995 when we planted the first church there.

The ALALE shrine

This time around, we shall be reaching the entire community with the gospel message, prayers and deliverance ministrations, and free medical care. We shall be giving palliatives to widows and the aged only as foodstuffs are in good supply because of the proximity of the place to boarder of Republic of Benin. We shall also be strengthening our parish in Oniyanmo.

Worship session going on in the oniyanmo church

The estimated cost is about #1m (One million Naira only) covering Honorarium for evangelistic and medical personnel, podium, public address system, video coverage and editing, fuel for generators and vehicles, accommodation, feeding for our team and palliatives for  widows and aged, drugs for free medical outreach, transportation and unforeseen expenses.

We implore you to partner with us. Our account details are: Worldhope Ministries, United Bank for Africa Plc. (UBA PLC.), Account No: 1004488676 and Zenith Bank Plc., Account No: 1014788463.

Brethren that will want to go with us are hereby implored to get in touch with us as soon as possible for proper arrangements and further information.

Wishing you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in Advance. We pray that we will all be acceptable to Christ when He will come with His angels for the final harvest.

The Peace of the Lord be with you all, Amen.

For further enquiries please call; 08037254785, 08081987368.

The preparation for the crusade began in May 2020 with two missionaries from Worldhope Ministry Badeku, Pastor Taiwo and Evang. Olorunleke preparing the ground.

 There are 11 villages in attendance with over 200 people present. The total number of 89 new  converts were recorded to the glory of God.

 Reaching out to souls is our passion in Worldhope Ministries. Join us in prayers and supports.

 God bless you.

Romans 15: 20-21

Yea, so have I strived to preach the gospel, not where Christ was named, lest I should build upon another man’s foundation:  But as it is written, To whom he was not spoken of, they shall see: and they that have not heard shall understand.

2 Cor.  10: 15-16

Not boasting of things without our measure, that is, of other  men’s labours: but having hope, when your faith is increased, that we shall be enlarged by you according to our rule abundantly. To preach the gospel in the regions beyond you, and not to boast in another man’s line of things made ready to our hand.

  • In other to win more souls to the Kingdom of God, so that our churches will grow numerically, breaking new frontiers with the gospel of Christ must be our major occupation. The scripture above is very clear about it.
  • Let me begin by stressing that at no time in history is evangelism compulsory than now as the coronavirus is putting the whole world in disarray. This is the right time to rescue people before the virus takes them away to eternity without Christ. The onus of reaching unbelievers in this generation wherever they are located with the gospel lies on the believers of this generation.
  • A cursory look will quickly show us that what is happening in our churches today is not real growth but church members migrating from one denomination to another. Substantial growth will occur when we begin to reach the unbelievers wherever we may find them. In Africa today majority of such people could be found in “completely” rural areas (some places are semi rural and semi urban). I am not talking about such places.
  • In my over thirty years in the mission field I have seen places that no vehicle had never been to. I was in one of such places (Pata keji – Ifo Local Government, Ogun State, Nigeria) with my 504 Peogeot in 1994. On that occasion, my car went through over grown weeds to reach the place. Today, we have a church there and yet there is no road there. Brother and sister Rotimi and Kemi Afunso, our missionaries in Asa Onigunuko are over seeing the church there. Sister Kemi Afunso treks about 16 kilometres every Sunday to hold Sunday worship service with members. I just mention this as an example. There are many of such places in Nigeria and all over Africa.
  • Even in some of our cities and towns there are places without churches while some areas are over churched. IT IS A FOOD FOR THOUGHT.


Let me close this brief with the wordings of my song recorded in 1990.


Chorus: Go where the sinners are/2ce
Go and tell them about Jesus
Go where the sinners are

  1. Tell them about His death
    And His resurrection
    To deliver them from eternal hell
    Go where the sinners are
  2. Jesus command us to go
    All over the whole world
    Preaching the gospel
    To every creature
  3. Everyday we clap hands
    Shouting Hallelujah
    Sinners are dying
    The church is clapping
    Go where the sinners are
  4. You find them on the mountain
    You find them in the valleys
    In the Prison yard in the villages
    Go where the sinners are
  5. You find the cities
    You find them in the markets
    All around you, they crying and dying
    Go where the sinners are
  6. Get ready right now
    Be a soldier for The Lord
    To conquer the world and free the captives
    Go where the sinners are


Adigun, located in Ona-Ara Local Government, Oyo State is a village that has political significance among the other villages surrounding her. Adigun inhabitants are majorly idol worshipers and their major business is farming. Adigun has only one church which is 103 years old as at year 2020. The church built in 1917 has become a ceremonial church with all sorts of religious ceremonies.

The Journey

Pastors Taiwo Oyeyipo and Olorunleke Olatide left for Adigun from Worldhope Ministries in Badeku on Monday 15th to Monday 22nd June, 2020, with father’s blessings from Rev. Idowu Animasawun. The prayers really worked as we experienced mighty power of God.


The journey

We were able to pay a visit to nine (9) surrounding villages. God gave us the grace to minister and 19 souls were won for Christ in the surrounding villages.
We ran visitations and evangelism on daily basis both in the morning and the evening, sleeping late at night everyday because people kept coming to us as they saw the move of God.


We had testimonies ranging from healings of diverse ailments, family reconciliation and salvation, and long standing community grudges. A divorced couple were also re-united.
Initially, at Adigun we were told not to hold open air programme because of Covid-19 but when God stepped into the community, they requested for a prayer meeting which we held for two days. About 60 people attended.
Olorunleke preached on forgiveness and salvation while deliverance sessions were conducted by Pastor Taiwo and the community rejoiced. Twenty of them confessed Christ.
We sent back to Rev. Idowu Animasawun for new bibles which he graciously sent and we gave them to the new converts.
Evangelist Kehinde Emmanuel visited and brought some refreshment for us.

Due to the numbers of saved souls, there is need for discipleship and follow-up; which the Pastor in the church there cannot handle, Worldhope Ministries will liaise with him by making use of the existing church as a point of contact. We have tentatively planned a crusade for August that will bring many communities together. Pray along with us for more grace and resources. The logistics are very many and difficult.

Presently, Pastor Shola is leading Worldhope Church workers from Badeku to Adigun and environs every Wednesday for follow-up.


For now, we have one motor bike. We presently need two more to fasten our village outreach efforts as there are still many communities to be reached with the gospel. The cost is N250,000 each. God bless you.

For now, we have one motor bike. We presently need two more to fasten our village outreach efforts as there are still many communities to be reached with the gospel. The cost is N250,000 each. God bless you.


“Once a person is ordained of God for some specific assignments, there is nothing the devil can do to stop God’s purpose of which am a living example.”


As a youth in the early sixties, I had my portion of youthful exuberance one of which standing at the bus entrance whenever I had cause to enter one was my habit because of the breeze I enjoyed in the practice.
On that particular day, as I was travelling in a bus, standing in my usual position, I narrowly got my head saved from being smashed against the pillar of the bridge as I unconsciously pulled in my head a few seconds before the bus got to the pillar. To my greatest surprise another young man did the same thing a day after and smashing his head against the same pillar breaking his skull and his brain littered the highway.
Though I could not comprehend what was happening then, but I now realize that Satan wanted to suck blood at that particular spot, but God preserved me for this hour so that I will be a blessing to my generation in other to fulfill the Word of God through the scripture that, “For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, sayeth the Lord, thought of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. Since thou was precious in my sight, thou hast been honourable, and I have loved thee … therefore . will I give men for thee and people for thy life. “Jeremiah 29: 1f Isaiah 43:4
Secondly, In 1966, the army dance band was to play at Brig. Maimalari’s party at Ikoyi. I know there were only two Brigadiers in the Nigeria Army. Brigadiers Maimalari and Ademulegun. There were two Colonels also, Colonel Adeyinka Adebayo who was the Army Chief of Staff and Colonel Pam. Brig. Maimalari, who had earlier on seen us performed at the Abalti barracks at what they call military tattoo chaired by Major General Agunye Ironsi, the then COFs and CINC of Nigerian Armed Forces. So he saw our performance and that was how he invited our band to his Ikoyi residence for the party that he was to host. But the information did not get to me on time. So I had closed for the day, I had a room in the barrack and one at 19, Coker Street, Mushin. We used to close the training around 1.30 or 2pm. So the officer in charge of the band then sent a soldier to me that we were to play at Maimalari’s party on the night of January 14, (the military coup took place on January 15, that was the following day.) So I refused to go. I told him, I‘m not a soldier and you start to command me like a soldier, though I was a staff of the ministry of defence. In a nut-shell I refused to go. Then he went to Bassey. Bassey said is Idowu going? The soldier said that “Idowu said that he is not going.” Then Bassey said ‘if Idowu is not going, then am not going because if he goes without me there will be a problem because the rest of the band were amateurs. However, with myself on the guitar and Bassey on the trumpet, we just carry the rest of the band along, and we’ll produce a good and sound highlife music. So the soldiers had no alternative than to go back to Ikeja cantonment. So they went on Friday evening, but the music was not good. So Maimalari was not pleased, he just said, ‘carry your problem and go and he dismissed them. I think it was after they left that the coup plotters came and Maimalari was killed.
Thirdly, during the counter coup of July 1966, this was very bloody. That Friday night, I was in the boys’ room where we were drinking alcohol and smoking Indian hemp. I just told my roommate, Isaac Omojefe that I would not sleep in this barrack tonight. It was around 9.00pm, he said it was too late to go to town and I said it was not too late for me. I just left the barracks and went to the town. I got to the town, took some bottles of beer. Later, I slept off in my room; Only to wake up the following day. That coup was on Saturday night. On Sunday morning I heard people saying ‘ah soldiers are killing themselves at Bolade, Ikeja cantonment it was very bloody. Even I was still struggling to get up from my bed because of the alcoholic hang over of the previous night. So hearing them talking, I had to stagger out and asked them what were they saying? And I said ha ha, but I left the place yesterday so how could it be and what could be the problem?
That was the end of the dance band. That was my last time in the cantonment. Ever since then I have never been to the cantonment. I have heard stories of how soldiers had been killed, in fact slaughtered. I would have been one of the target as many were killed on personal hatred and I was not in good terms with some of the soldiers. Thank God I escaped and here am I up till today.
The above mentioned incidents clearly showed that once a person is ordained of God for some specific assignments, there is nothing the devil can do to stop God’s purpose of which this book’s author is a living example Details