The Lord has remain faithful concerning the works of mission outreach in Badeku against all odds. The church building now wears a new look with the fixing of aluminum windows in replacement of the wooden ones installed since 1995 which had suffered various degree of deterioration. More importantly, God has increasingly added to His church over the years heaven bound souls from within and outside Badeku.
Worldhope Nursery and Primary School
At a point, it was equally discovered that the fate of children in Badeku (spiritually and educationally) was at stake, reason being that Islamic religion that has beclouded the mind of the old ones has started possessing their hearts and also because the public schools in the village were in shambles. Parents therefore resorted to enroll their children in the two quaranic schools.
In 1997, there came a strong burden to save the future of these children by providing them with a better means of education. This gave birth to WORLDHOPE NURSERY AND PRIMARY SCHOOL. In order to attract pupils and more importantly because the purpose of the school
was and is still to win these future generation for Christ, the school started charging no fee at all. This became additional load for the leadership of the ministry to bear. Teachers’ salaries, stationeries and other materials had to be sought for from friends, partners and churches. Parents trooped in to enroll their children most of them not minding the difference in religion. In fact some children pressurized their parents to register them in Worldhope Nursery/Primary School when they saw their peers speaking English and other differences in them.
The school run basically this way for some years before school fees was introduced so as to make the parents take up their responsibilities and more importantly when sufficient funds was not coming from partners to meet the increasing needs of the school. Up till now, many parents find it very difficult to pay the meager school fees. The ministry is still augmenting the school fees. Some of the parents are really poor peasant farmers who live from hand to mouth and so could not afford to pay for the education of their children. We remain committed to making the future bright and beautiful for these children spiritually and academically. Therefore we will not relent in our efforts.
Worldhope College
A bigger challenge emerged which necessitated the need to start a secondary school. We realized that after a thorough job of molding the character and educational acumen of these children, they got admission to the only public secondary school in the community and got messed up by the evil vices, which they are not strong enough to resist. Some of these children who have genuinely given their lives to Christ while with us end up smoking cigarettes and falling into other lustful/sinful acts. So also is their educational standard nosedived. Initially we made effort to get brethren in the cities to take some of the children to live with
them and be given a better education in a godly environment. The children in turn help them with house chores. There are some of those children still with such brethren up till now. As practicable as this is, it is till not able to save the situation adequately well. Therefore, the need to start a secondary school to bring up these children in the fear and love of God became more than necessary and important. Worldhope College took off in 2009 with 15 students in the mission school hall but today God has provided permanent school structures where work is still in progress to make it more conducive and equipped for academic excellence. The number of students continues to increase and the SSCE results of our first set of students 2013-2015 session was very encouraging as our students scored 80%. However our challenge is fund, because most parents of our pupils are peasant farmers who are finding it hard to pay the meagre school fees of their children. Some of the parents are irresponsible and visionless and so it is difficult for us to break even as we have to pay teachers’ salaries, stationeries equip our ICT Centre, Science laboratory, buy school and hostel furniture. The school hall is also under construction among other recurrent and capital expenditures.
Let me use this media to appreciate our friends and partners who have been helping us out from time to time by giving scholarship to some students or paying the salary of some teachers. We need more of this gesture in order for the school to deliver and be sustained. Other needs of the school includes: Textbooks, Notebooks, Class and Office Furniture, Computers, Laboratory Equipment, Lawn Mower, Recreational Facilities, Toys, etc; for both Nursery/Primary School and the College.