“Once a person is ordained of God for some specific assignments, there is nothing the devil can do to stop God’s purpose of which am a living example.”


As a youth in the early sixties, I had my portion of youthful exuberance one of which standing at the bus entrance whenever I had cause to enter one was my habit because of the breeze I enjoyed in the practice.
On that particular day, as I was travelling in a bus, standing in my usual position, I narrowly got my head saved from being smashed against the pillar of the bridge as I unconsciously pulled in my head a few seconds before the bus got to the pillar. To my greatest surprise another young man did the same thing a day after and smashing his head against the same pillar breaking his skull and his brain littered the highway.
Though I could not comprehend what was happening then, but I now realize that Satan wanted to suck blood at that particular spot, but God preserved me for this hour so that I will be a blessing to my generation in other to fulfill the Word of God through the scripture that, “For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, sayeth the Lord, thought of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. Since thou was precious in my sight, thou hast been honourable, and I have loved thee … therefore . will I give men for thee and people for thy life. “Jeremiah 29: 1f Isaiah 43:4
Secondly, In 1966, the army dance band was to play at Brig. Maimalari’s party at Ikoyi. I know there were only two Brigadiers in the Nigeria Army. Brigadiers Maimalari and Ademulegun. There were two Colonels also, Colonel Adeyinka Adebayo who was the Army Chief of Staff and Colonel Pam. Brig. Maimalari, who had earlier on seen us performed at the Abalti barracks at what they call military tattoo chaired by Major General Agunye Ironsi, the then COFs and CINC of Nigerian Armed Forces. So he saw our performance and that was how he invited our band to his Ikoyi residence for the party that he was to host. But the information did not get to me on time. So I had closed for the day, I had a room in the barrack and one at 19, Coker Street, Mushin. We used to close the training around 1.30 or 2pm. So the officer in charge of the band then sent a soldier to me that we were to play at Maimalari’s party on the night of January 14, (the military coup took place on January 15, that was the following day.) So I refused to go. I told him, I‘m not a soldier and you start to command me like a soldier, though I was a staff of the ministry of defence. In a nut-shell I refused to go. Then he went to Bassey. Bassey said is Idowu going? The soldier said that “Idowu said that he is not going.” Then Bassey said ‘if Idowu is not going, then am not going because if he goes without me there will be a problem because the rest of the band were amateurs. However, with myself on the guitar and Bassey on the trumpet, we just carry the rest of the band along, and we’ll produce a good and sound highlife music. So the soldiers had no alternative than to go back to Ikeja cantonment. So they went on Friday evening, but the music was not good. So Maimalari was not pleased, he just said, ‘carry your problem and go and he dismissed them. I think it was after they left that the coup plotters came and Maimalari was killed.
Thirdly, during the counter coup of July 1966, this was very bloody. That Friday night, I was in the boys’ room where we were drinking alcohol and smoking Indian hemp. I just told my roommate, Isaac Omojefe that I would not sleep in this barrack tonight. It was around 9.00pm, he said it was too late to go to town and I said it was not too late for me. I just left the barracks and went to the town. I got to the town, took some bottles of beer. Later, I slept off in my room; Only to wake up the following day. That coup was on Saturday night. On Sunday morning I heard people saying ‘ah soldiers are killing themselves at Bolade, Ikeja cantonment it was very bloody. Even I was still struggling to get up from my bed because of the alcoholic hang over of the previous night. So hearing them talking, I had to stagger out and asked them what were they saying? And I said ha ha, but I left the place yesterday so how could it be and what could be the problem?
That was the end of the dance band. That was my last time in the cantonment. Ever since then I have never been to the cantonment. I have heard stories of how soldiers had been killed, in fact slaughtered. I would have been one of the target as many were killed on personal hatred and I was not in good terms with some of the soldiers. Thank God I escaped and here am I up till today.
The above mentioned incidents clearly showed that once a person is ordained of God for some specific assignments, there is nothing the devil can do to stop God’s purpose of which this book’s author is a living example Details


My Birth

I was born by Muslim parents about 1938, February at a place called Igbinrin, which is a farm settlement near Ota in Ogun state Nigeria although my parents were from Abcokuta, my father was a peasant farmer whilst my mother helped him on the farms and still found time to engage in petty trading. . I call it a farm settlement because it is a place with about 7 thatched roofed huts. My parents were settlers there with some other few people mainly farmers. There was no trading there, as there were no much people except you go to Ota. On the day I was born, my mother was frying gaari and there was nobody in the village except a man. He had no option than to do the work of a mid-wife and took the delivery of my birth. I thank God for this because it must have been done in a very crude way. I grew up there with my elder brother Taiye. After some years we left the place and came to Ota town as its been called then and settled in an area called Ago and lived there for some years. Thereafter, we moved to another area called Ilata.