The Great Encounter

It was in 1981 that I met the Lord Jesus and the story changed. So came the miraculous change. It was Saturday February 14, 1981. I was in my house with my uncle just relaxing with some bottles of beer. Then we had an invitation to go to Owo, in Ondo State. As we got there, we were still in the party mood and then I beckoned to a lady, with the intention of befriending her. And so the lady came and then began to tell me about Jesus. After meeting in Owo, I fixed her on an appointment to come and see me at the Premier Hotel, Ibadan because she too came from Ibadan.

So she came to Premier Hotel and she began to tell me more about Jesus and all that. Of course, I was not really interested in Jesus, but anyway, she persisted and so along the line, she cajoled me as I will say, to buy the bible which I did, and I bought one. Not because I love the bible or because I love Jesus but because she said this and I wanted to please her in order to have my way. As soon as I bought the bible, I began to study it. As I was reading, I was studying and I was jotting down some points. I was neither led nor persuaded by anybody; I think the Holy Ghost was at work then. So I was just doing it. Without going to any church or fellowship, I read from Genesis to Revelation within six months.

I remember before 1981, that the last time I ever read the Bible was in 1956 when we were doing religious knowledge in the primary school. And so I continued to study and one day, in my sitting room I had the first spiritual experience or encounter. I saw two creatures with the figures of a man figuratively. And they began to fight, one was dark and the other was white. It was a trance; and as they were fighting, I was doing the sweating. But by and by, the white one drove away the dark one through one of the windows in my sitting room and I became conscious again sweating profusely. So I went to the bathroom, took my shower and I headed straight to the lady that cajoled me into buying the Bible to narrate the trance to her. And she said, ‘praise the Lord’ and I was just looking at her and she tried to narrate to me as far as she knew that it was the Lord visiting me that I better become a Christian. I was still not interested and I went back home. But before I went back home, I asked her a question that while reading through the bible, the bible says that Jesus is Lord and that I was not comfortable with that. I know that there is God, but which one is God and which one is Lord? She tried to explain and I did not agree with her. So I went back home and continued studying my bible.